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Great experience. I knew what I wanted but had no idea how to do it. Jeff gave me the plan on what needed to be. I now have a beautiful space for my family to gather and the bonus of a full kitchen. No more running up and down the stairs to serve family dinners.

Linda Eckerlin

Jeff came highly recommended to me by a friend and I learned that we share a love for dogs, before we ever discussed my project. I was unsure as to how to reach my goals in remodeling, but Jeff had helpful suggestions, gave me time to think them over, then worked with me every step of the way. I’m really pleased with my experience with Jeff and his crew.
Elizabeth Page Rogers

You know our team loves you. Such a pleasure to work with. You made working with you so easy. You knew what you wanted and we just had to install it and make it happen. We look forward to what you have for us next. And yes I will bring more of that great coffee.

John L Mullen III

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