About Us

My name is Jeff Bacca. I have been in the remodeling business and in the customer service industry my entire life. I started my work career in the retail. Where I learned very fast that the customer is always right. From there I entered the financial and real estate markets where I learned self-motivation, time management and a high degree of organization.

For the past 12 years I have been able to put all of the things I have learned into action as the project manager for a local remodeling company. Running all aspects of the various jobs and being the guy to make sure that not only the job is done right but that the client is happy and everything runs smoothly.

​We found out that my wife’s Mother needed back surgery. My in laws live about 4 hours away so of course arrangements had to be made. We were worried about her and the surgery. Not really focused on the house at that time. The surgery went well and she came home a few weeks later. In the meantime I started making the house a better place to live for her while recovering. I really wish I had known of a company that understood what I needed and could help provide the maintenance the house was going to need in the years to come.

It’s at that time I saw an ever growing need for a company like Snowbird. So I sat down with my wife, friends and partners in the industry and Snowbird was born. We created a company that can handle anything that your home will need.

Snowbird Home takes a totally new look at taking care of your home. Imagine if your home was taken care of the way that a large office building were. Someone or a team of individuals on sight to handle and manage what ever that building needs so that it is running perfect everyday. Much like the office you might work in now.

Our goal is to eliminate the worries, hassles and headaches of home maintenance and to provide full service, trustworthy home care services to fit any budget. One company, one contact one simple and convenient solution.