Snowbird Home

Another big part of home ownership will be just being the person responsible for maintaining the basic needs of a home.

Simple things like cleaning gutters, mowing grass and cleaning windows. Oh and who is going to take care of your house while you are on that amazing family vacation?

​We created Snowbird Home for the family that was busy, active but still wants to be involved in the day to day things that need to be done around the house. You can change your own light bulbs and furnace filters and like being involved and take pride in doing things for yourself.

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Snowbird Home Repairs

You also are able to see where your expertise ends and the need to ask for help begins.

At that point you need Snowbird.

Let’s say you want to make a few upgrades to the house like changing out ceiling fans or updating the faucets in the bathrooms. If you are not familiar with switch legs and ball valves this could be a little scary.

All you have to do is pick of the phone or shoot us an email letting us know what you are wanting. A simple one call to one company gets it all taken care of.

The next project might be adding a new deck, remodeling the basement, or repainting the entry hall of your house. Don’t worry about home maintenance.