Are you the jet setter?
Are you taking the family to Europe for the month? Or do you happen to take advantage of the warmer weather somewhere else 3 or 4 months of the year?

Then you are a Snowbird Traveler

We have put together a program that allows you to leave your house and not have to worry.

Are the lights off, is the garage door shut? Who is going to pick up all the newspapers in the front yard?

Below is a basic list of things that are offered to the Traveler.

  • Check the property weekly
  • ​Pick up the newspaper and flyers
  • Upon your return turn heat/ac on
  • Remove debris from downspouts
  • Make sure security lighting is working
  • Concierge services if needed such as grocery shopping
  • Add any other services for a short time

Why call several companies to find people you can trust?

Now there's one company. One call.
Snowbird Home. We will care for your entire home. Inside and out. Snowbird manages every aspect of the services your home will ever need. No more waiting around. Go Live your life.