Snowbird Life

Snowbird Home was created to provide Snowbird Life. We are the first of our kind offering concierge level service and maintenance to homeowners. As our lives get busier, As our lifestyles evolve we don’t have the time to take care of the basics with our homes. Most of the time we struggle with who to call and how are we going to be at home to let someone in.
No more…………….

We have created a template for your home with the built in flexibility to customize a program that works for your home.

This is your plan. Click the button below to look at the checklist we use each month.

We are here to make maintaining your home as easy as making one phone call.

Snowbird Property Care Overland Park, KS -  Snowbird Maintenance

All the studies have shown that most people want to remain in their home as long as possible.

Part of that equation is being able to maintain your home and make the necessary changes that are needed to live comfortably as we get older.

We have created an easy way for you to stay in your home until you decide you want to move. You are now living in a completely managed facility but it just happens to be the home that you have worked so hard to have.

We Handle all the small things that you need taken care of on a monthly basis and we are there to coordinate any service or service contractor that would ever need to come to the home. We have an extensive army of contractors and individuals to help assist our in house team with what ever your home would ever need.

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